You’re Robert Fairs, a young journalist happily married to his husband Lucas since almost a year now. One night you wake up, locked in a bedroom you don’t recognize. Something weird is going on and you need to get out.

– Puzzles with classic 90’s adventure game logic
– Fully voiced visual novel with over 100 unique lines
– Featuring the title theme “Atomosphere” by Zack Furniss
– Windows, Mac and Linux versions included

I took part in Asylum Jam with two of my friends and made a horror game, check it out!
Download ESCAPE from Asylum Jame Here!


2 thoughts on “ESCAPE

  1. I wanted to put into words what I thought this game does best. Unfortunately, I’m not exactly the best at talking to strangers online. Nothing against you specifically, I’m okay in forums and online games, but one on one, I am not so good.

    Anyway, what your game did amazingly well was provide the player with mechanics that forced “Adventure game logic,” instead of asking the player to have “Adventure game logic.” A great example:

    The one of the first interactions you can have in the game involves using a scalpel on a sink. The effect of having it as a result of investigation of the sink after discovering the scalpel creates the eureka moment adventure puzzles strive for, instead of the typical adventure game moment of, “Well how the hell was I supposed to figure that out!?!?”

    I don’t know if this design decision was a result of the engine, but I applaud it either way. Well done!

    • Thank you! I took great care with trying to design puzzles that would get the player to interact and check their options with the surroundings after they would find new things, it was tricky because of the engine, but worked out well in the end.

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