Spring 2014 First Impressions | Batch 4

Not the best, not the worst.

Here’s the fourth batch of my initial episode 1 impressions of anime in Spring 2014. I’ll be putting these up 3-by-3 as I watch them.

Magica Wars

I can only use “Not as bad as Dragonar Academy” as my review text so many times, huh? … Well I’m doing it here as well.

Magica Wars
Episode 1 Rating: 3/10

Captain Earth

This is a classic sci-fi mecha show in every sense of the word. Filled with tropes and clichés so far, but dealt with through enough charm for it to work. Really liked the first episode a lot, hoping it stays strong.

Captain Earth
Episode 1 Rating: 8/10


I think I would have liked this show more if I knew the faintest thing about volleyball, but I’m willing to give any show a shot and I’m glad I did. it was quite enjoyable.

Episode 1 Rating: 7/10

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