Spring 2014 First Impressions | Batch 2

From Lesbian Assassins to Magical Dullness…

Here’s the second batch of my initial episode 1 impressions of anime in Spring 2014. I’ll be putting these up 3-by-3 as I watch them.

Akuma no Riddle

The big yuri show of the season is a bit different this time around. Akuma no Riddle tells the story of 12 assassins sent out to kill one girl in their own class, the Black Class. But things take a turn when Azuma Tokaku starts falling in love with Ichinose Haru, the girl assumed to be the target of assassination… Or is she? Stupid premise and ultra gritty, but self-aware enough about both of those things to make it incredibly entertaining. Great character designs and writing too, a joy to watch.

Akuma no Riddle
Episode 1 Rating: 9/10

Dragonar Academy

I refuse to write words about this. Watch the video, or don’t. Just don’t watch Dragonar Academy.

Dragonar Academy
Episode 1 Rating: 3/10

The Irregular at Magic High School

Unfortunately another boring show about boring stuff. The fantasy-LN adaptation craze needs to end because it has already killed any potential it once had. This show tries its best to be interesting and enjoyable, but doesn’t reach beyond the level of mediocrity. There’s just nothing of value here. Nothing.

The Irregular at Magic High School
Episode 1 Rating: 5/10

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