Name Change

Today I filed papers at the taxation office to change my legal first name. While my surname comes into play later, I didn’t want to prolong the reveal any further. From today on I am no longer Torbjörn Simon Andreas Karlsson.

I am also not Tobbii, or even Tobiichi in the way I was before. Oh no.

Hello everyone. I’m Andrea, a woman who watch anime, play and develop games, draw stupid stuff, make videos and talk on podcasts. My new legal name is Andrea Ritsu Karlsson, soon to be Andrea Ritsu Tobiichi. That’s right, I’ll be sticking with Tobiichi as my surname, assuming that everything goes as planned. I have a few backups just in case.

Why Andrea?
Because my legal name had Andreas in it and I thought it sounded cute.

Why Ritsu?
Because Ritsu Tainaka from K-On!! is sort of my go-to girl in terms of admiration among other things.

Why Tobiichi?
Because it sounds good and I wanted to keep what everyone knows me as somehow.

Why that order?
Sounded best in my head as well as my name now being ART! How befitting for the editor of Art Hawk, huh? (I swear, I noticed that afterwards, it was not deliberate)


2 thoughts on “Name Change

  1. I remember back when I was about to file for my name change, I briefly considered going with Haruko for my middle name after the FLCL character. I quickly realized though that that would be super weeaboo and went with something else instead. (Not that your choice of a middle name is bad or anything! It’s nice!)

    I’m a bit late in saying this, but congrats on the name change! Glad I’ll still be able to think of you as ‘Tobiichi’ is some form, though by now I already just think of you as Andrea. Probably helps that I see your new name in writing on twitter all the time.

    • Thank you!

      Yeah, the Tobiichi part of the name is not actually filed yet. As I have to pay a pretty penny to change my last name and I can’t do that just yet, but I figured I would just announce the full name change at once.

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