Check out Silver Screeners this Sunday!

Silver Screeners AnnouncementAnother podcast? Am I that daft? Yes I am.

This Sunday me and Adam Owen will release the first episode of our new regular podcast, Silver Screeners. It will cover new films, old films, live action, animation, tv-series and anything we want to cover in the motion picture art-form.

I hope everyone will be checking it out, and if you haven’t already, do check out our Academy Awards Podcast 2013 which is sort of the unofficial pilot-episode for the podcast (They’ll be sharing RSS feed) since we did it just before deciding on doing this. The first episode will cover a few things which we’ll disclose on the podcast itself, but it will also feature a discussion on Disney’s Frozen between me and Adam among other things. That will surely be something interesting if you know anything about our thoughts on the movie.

If the podcast catch on and you people like it, chances are we’ll bring on guests and do special episodes devoted to special things, so let your voices be heard this Sunday as Silver Screeners premiere here and over at Adam Likes to Watch.


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