Golden Time | Review Ep. 14-18, Valentine’s Week

The Gold Standard

vlc 2014-02-14 01-46-50-25I told myself I would see Golden Time through to the end in my reviews, so I’m sticking to that as best as I can and what better time to talk about the show than during Valentine’s Week?

The last five episodes of Golden Time has let Banri’s character grow a lot and I’m glad that’s the case. Even though I’ve enjoyed his character from the start, he is becoming more interesting as every episode goes on.

These particular episodes all deal with Banri finally facing his past head on and accepting what he went through and is thankfully mostly done without too many odd interruptions from a narrating ghost Banri.

vlc 2014-02-14 01-54-10-26With only six episodes left of the series it’s becoming far more obvious that they’re starting to lead into the ending, Koko and Banri’s relationship is still going strong and after what they’ve gone through in these specific episodes I don’t see Banri falling for any other girl before the end. Linda remains an important friend and someone Banri puts a lot of trust in, but that’s where she fits in best and they both know it. While there might still be a sad ending to it all lurking, ready to hop in at any time, my money is back on Koko and Banri having a happy ending by episode 24.

vlc 2014-02-14 01-47-40-25These five episode deal with some heavy subject-matter as well with episode 16 in particular being a very serious and dark episode in contrast to most other episodes this cour. While I know Koko has a lot of detractors and I can understand why, this episode specifically just reaffirmed why I really love her as a character.

I don’t know how much more I can sit here just praising these episodes and the show in general. It’s brilliant and I love it.

Golden Time
Episode 14-18 Rating: 9.5/10

Golden Time is licensed by Sentai Filmworks for localized distribution.
Please support localized anime.


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