Best Romance Right Now | Valentine’s Week

So many triangle dramas…

The winter season of 2014 is in full gear and as with any season, it’s filled with romantic comedies and the likes. We have romantic action shows, dramatic triangle dramas, lesbian romantic comedies, more triangle dramas and probably some more triangle dramas.

Since I found myself short on time today, I figured I would do a quick run-down of my current favourite airing anime in which romance is a big part. Think of it as a Catching Up! post, but all about romance because the 14th of February being this week. Here we go!

Sakura Trick

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It seems the detractors of this show have started calming down and moved on to other things now. Which is nice, because that means that I see more happy tweets, posts and mentions about this lovely little show on my social networks.

The story of a lesbian couple discovering their love and how people around them start doing the same is still as touching to me as it is funny.

The situational comedy approach works like a charm and really helps making everything feeling oh-so-good. It’s one of the most fun celebrations of same-sex relationships I’ve seen and I giggle and smile whenever I think of the show. It’s cute, it’s sexy, it’s funny and it’s charming. What more could I ask for?

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Golden Time

I’ll be honest. I’m starting to worry about where Golden Time is heading. I’m still loving the show (it’s on this list after all) but I’m starting to realize that I actually was way above my head when I predicted the way the story would end with certainty.

Lately this wonderfully mature romance drama have been throwing curveballs left and right to knock my expectations to the curb, and it has succeeded.

The love between Koko and Banri versus the love between Linda and Barni’s past self is interesting as a dynamic, though I’m really getting a bit annoyed with how silly Ghost Banri is becoming. C’mon Golden Time, you can do better than this. Though, by how well you are doing, I feel silly asking for more.

(Click here for Golden Time reviews)

Witch Craft Works

This show has grown on me so much over the last few episodes. Not only is it a funny show, the characters are so full of life and personality that it becomes a wonder to behold. Even our male lead character who felt annoyingly bland at first has managed to really become a character I enjoy a whole bunch.

I’ve always been a sucker for witches and magic, so I’m glad I was able to find even ground with this show in the end.

The relationship building between Kagari and her “princess” Takamiya is lovely and they already have more chemistry than couples who are meant to be officially dating for a good while in some other shows airing right now. Keep up the love Witch Craft Works, you’re awesome.

Runner Ups: Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha, Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions – Heartthrob –, Nisekoi and No-Rin.
Shit Shows: ImoCho: Recently, My Little Sister is Acting Unusual
and The Pilot’s Love Song.


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