Introducing Valentine’s Week!

LogoI don’t really care about Valentine’s Day. I don’t have a significant other at the moment and even if I did, I always felt the holiday wasn’t all that morally aligned with me. But, with that said, I will take any chance I can get to talk about romance in fiction. Because I love romance in fiction.

Be it straight, lesbian or gay. It doesn’t matter to me, I just love watching good old love bloom between people. So for next week, every day, A Certain Blogging Tobiichi will be celebrating Valentine’s Week. A new post relating to romance in anime every day. This will include me talking about my favourite couples (multiple sexual orientations), my favourite romance stories and I will finally sit down and figure out my absolute top anime crushes. That’s right, all of you who have pestered me on about who my waifus/husbandos are, this week I will finally pick.

The week will also have a certain review that I’ve been putting off that fits right in, but we’ll get to that when we get there.

♥ I hope you’ll enjoy Valentine’s Week on A Certain Blogging Tobiichi. ♥


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