Do you want the episode reviews?


Been thinking about this in my recent mood swings. I’ve shown over and over again that trying to keep to a episode-by-episode review schedule is close to impossible for me. Be it due to illness, groupwatching delaying episode watching or just me not sure what the hell to write about the show.

So I was wondering, do you guys care? Do you want me to keep it up? Because if you do, then I’ll gladly keep on trying to do it. But if you’re not all that into them, I might just leave them be and focus on getting more series/cour reviews up as I finish stuff. Hell, it’s also possible that without the psychological pressure of “You need to review this and this” that I could maybe get out a few more original articles. And those are often more popular.

Please leave a comment below about it, I want to hear your thoughts.

P.S: Don’t forget to check out my cosplay page now as well.


One thought on “Do you want the episode reviews?

  1. I did basically the same some time ago, where I just would write something about every shows every week, but it kinda gets repetitive after some time and there wasn’t anything I could say about the show, so I decided to drop it since it basically was just a waste of time and now I am only going to write Episode Reviews, if something big happened, that completely changed my thinking about the show!

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