Catching Up! – Week 3 2014 | I’ve been sick…

My stomache is the worst…

I’ve been ill the last few days so I’ve no really been up to review some things in detail, so here’s a little Catching Up! post to detail what I thought of last week’s shows that I didn’t get around to reviewing. You see, unlike other anime viewers who lay around in bed watching more anime when they’re sick, I just can’t focus enough to watch it instead. So here goes, I’ll try to keep it brief.

vlc 2014-01-19 03-52-24-83Engaged to the Unidentified | Episode 2

This episode was a leap in the right direction. Funny and engaging while sporting some glorious visuals and great characters. The show still has deep problems that have yet to be sorted out, but the improvement made upon the first episode is worthy of applause.

Engaged to the Unidentified
Episode Rating: 8/10

vlc 2014-01-19 05-48-48-59Golden Time | Episode 14

A turn-around from the weaker episode the week before. A lot of development is made with characters that aren’t Banri and we even have on major development that might change how the entire show works from now on. A truly amazing episode that showed some of the series best sides and why it’s in the running for being one of the best shows this season.

Golden Time
Episode Rating: 9/10

Golden Time is licensed by Sentai Filmworks for localized distribution.
Please support localized anime.

vlc 2014-01-19 03-26-55-38Sakura Trick | Episode 2

This show makes me feel all warm and happy inside. Even more so this week than last week. Funny, beautiful and everything I wanted.

Sakura Trick
Episode Rating: 10/10

vlc 2014-01-19 04-34-27-86Wake Up, Girls! | Episode 2

Another positive development. I liked the Wake Up, Girls! movie far more than the first episode, and this felt more in line with that movie if anything. Some good character development and a cool twist that I honestly didn’t see coming. The series is showing its promise, let’s hope it continues to do so.

Wake Up, Girls!
Episode Rating: 7/10

vlc 2014-01-21 20-23-03-19Space☆Dandy | Episode 3

I wasn’t a fan of this week’s episode. It wasn’t very funny and it was one of the most predictable series of events I’ve seen in recent memory. While I do appreciate the unique alien designs to each episode, this was not a episode of Space☆Dandy that I’m holding in too high of a regard. A damn shame.

Episode Rating: 6/10

Space☆Dandy is licensed by FUNimation for localized distribution.
Please support localized anime.



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