The Pilot’s Love Song | Review: Episode 2

Nothing to see here…

vlc 2014-01-15 18-04-46-37Maybe I was a little hard on the first episode of The Pilot’s Love Song. After all, it was mostly an episode devoted to simply setting up the world and introducing the shallowest parts of our main characters to get things rolling.

With a second episode, surely they can start filling in the gaps and make this something interesting and exciting? Right?

Oh… They couldn’t. Well that sucks.

The second episode cements the fact that Kal-El Albus has absolutely zero personality and probably won’t get more of it any time soon. Throughout the episode we get a slow build-up to him and his sister starting class without any pay-off or decent writing. A whole bunch of new characters are tossed our way, the second more boring than the first. There’s nothing unique to this show, it’s just one bland mush of nothing without charm or intensity.

vlc 2014-01-15 18-09-21-40I shouldn’t be sitting here just days after watching the episode struggling to find words to type about it. Not because I don’t remember the episode itself, but because there’s so little to be said about it. It’s one of the most uninspired pieces of fiction I’ve watched in a long time and I don’t say that lightly. But even so, I can’t be angry at the show. Because it’s not bad enough for me to be angry at it, it doesn’t even really cause me to emit much of a emotional response.

vlc 2014-01-15 18-16-51-40But what about the production values? Well, the episode wasn’t all that well-animated and the CG planes look goofy even if they’re decent by our current standard for CG vehicles in anime. The voice acting is forgettable and I don’t really have much bad or good to say beside that. The art-style itself is still interesting but it slowly falling into silly or bland character designs with all the new characters that it keeps on introducing.

I just… I don’t know… It’s just so boring. Whatever.

The Pilot’s Love Song
Episode Rating: 4/10


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