Space☆Dandy | Review: Episode 2

Space Dand’ing Across The Universe!

vlc 2014-01-14 01-28-47-71Following a fun first episode, Space☆Dandy jumps right into the second episode without a single pause for thought. In fact, the ending of the first episode doesn’t even end up being addressed in the second episode, they just move on. A weird move, but I’ll run with it for now.

Specifcally, the second episode is about Dandy and his crew searching for an ancient alien who, according to legend, makes the most amazing ramen in the universe.

The events of the episode follow the crew trying out ramen at different stores around the galaxy in order to find the right one. We’re also introduced to new characters and get to learn more about Meow’s interests

vlc 2014-01-14 01-13-22-73The episode is not as funny as the first episode was. But unlike the first episode it felt more focused and ended on a scene that was Cowboy Bebop levels of good. The amount of fan-service this episode was less if measured in time, but more gratuitous in the actual content. Boobies (the breastaurant) return yet again, as does the character of Honey. Neither seem to have changed much at all since last episode, so you’ll know what to expect.

vlc 2014-01-14 01-21-27-74The soundtrack and voice acting is still top-notch and the art is just as good as last week. While there’s no big set-piece action scene like the planet sequence in the first episode, it makes up for it by having Dandy visit more alien worlds and meeting more species that we’ve not seen before.

There’s also a beautifully made fight scene at one of the ramen stores that was better than the chase at Boobies last week, though it wasn’t as funny as the latter was.

While Space☆Dandy remains a fun show, I felt that this episode was a step down in some ways. Had it not been for the great ending scene I’m not sure I would have liked the episode as much as I did. Here’s to future episodes!

Episode Rating: 8/10

Space☆Dandy is licensed by FUNimation for localized distribution.
Please support localized anime.


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