Nobunagun | Review: Episode 2

vlc 2014-01-14 04-00-45-63Well… This Got Dark.

So you know Nobunagun? The dumbest and most fun show of the season? You know, this one?

Yeah, so what if I told you this show decided to keep up all of its insanity and then become depressing and serious in its presentation in regards to the main characters responsibilities and how their lives will change? Yeah, that’s episode two.

The second episode of Nobunagun follows up where the first episode ended, the awakening of Oda Nobunaga within Shio as Dogoo is fighting the alien force that was attacking Thailand. About half of the episode is devoted to finishing up this fight, showing off various abilities that Nobunagun posses. It’s a great fight sequence and the stylized look of the show really lends itself well to over-the-top action like this.

vlc 2014-01-14 03-46-30-64Then there’s the second half of the episode. The second half of the episode is entirely devoted to Dogoo coming out publicly as the people fighting the alien menace. Dogoo explains that there are people known as E-Gene Holders that are the only people able to fight the threat, Shio being one of them. But Shio needs to decide herself if she’s willing to give up her normal life in order to go through with it.

vlc 2014-01-14 03-53-50-61It’s a slow-paced series of events that seems very out of place in theory, but manages to work really well with the its presentation. It manages to tell us more about Shio as a person and just how big of a burden being a E-Gene Holder might be.

While I don’t think this downbeat tone will work if it’s used often in the show, seeing it in contrast to the fast-paced action of the first half of the episode made the show feel smarter than it probably is. Which is no small feat given its prior insanity.

I think Nobunagun probably have the most interesting presentation this season in terms of visuals. The way the show deals with its palette and shading is not just unique, but really damn pretty. Mix that with some great character designs and beautifully animated sequence and you have a winner.

To me, the second episode of Nobunagun was the best episode of any anime I’ve seen so far this season. It did action and drama brilliantly and I can’t wait to see where the show goes from here. Though the episode preview has me worried.

Episode Rating: 10/10


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