Wake Up, Girls! | Review: Episode 1

I’ll Stay In Bed A Bit Longer…

vlc 2014-01-11 00-41-19-41So while I ended up defending the Wake Up, Girls! – Seven Idols movie, this episode will not get away as much as that did. Because while I didn’t dislike the first episode of Wake Up, Girls!, I really can’t say I liked it too much either.

The episode follow the events of the movie with Matsuda, the manager of WUG, still not sure how to pay back all the money Green Leaves now is indebted. Meanwhile the girls are all waiting to find out if their lives as idols are over.

It’s not a bad premise for an episode, but after the surprisingly happy ending to the movie it feels kind of odd to go back to the whole “Will we even get to do this?” questions again. Thankfully, the show decides to utilize this repeat in mood to let us know more about the girls in WUG that aren’t Mayu. Not enough to where any character feels particularly fleshed out, but all in due time.

vlc 2014-01-11 01-01-09-39The biggest crime of the first episode of Wake Up, Girls! is really that it’s far more boring than the movie was, and it doesn’t help that part of the episode, opening sequence included, is just reused footage from the movie. It’s obvious the show wants to look at a creepy and more depressing side of of being an idol, but simply being different will not be enough here, which I felt was the problem with the episode. It was different from a show like Love Live! School Idol Project, The iDOLM@STER or any other idol show on the market, but unlike the movie it didn’t do a good enough job showing why that different style of show can work.

vlc 2014-01-11 00-54-24-36The art also took a dive here. While the movie had its share of flaws with the off-model art and odd animation, the first episode of the series is filled with far more of them in less than half of the running-time.

Some facial expression looked outright creepy at times and I really hope they step up the quality for future episodes, especially since we’ve seen that they can do good art and animation during the concert scene.

I’m only being hard on the first episode of Wake Up, Girls! because I want it to be good. I liked the movie a lot and I see a potential here for something that can truly shine. Maybe it still will and it just needs time to set in, but as it stands, this first episode barely managed to make its way out of mediocrity for me.

Wake Up, Girls!
Episode Rating: 6/10


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