Sakura Trick | Review: Episode 1

vlc 2014-01-10 21-21-08-11Floraison Amour

This show is so amazingly adorably cute that I want to cuddle my monitor to death from watching just the opening sequence.

If that doesn’t tell you enough about the show to know what I probably think of the show, you’ve not been following my tastes in anime that closely.

Sakura Trick is a rom-com story about two girls, Haruka and Yuu, who fall in love in high school. It’s based on the 4koma of the same name and follows a gag format not unlike a show like Kiniro Mosaic. Unlike that show however, there’s more of a focus on the actual relationship building between the lead girls, which offers up more opportunities of depth.

Now, thankfully Sakura Trick knows exactly what it’s doing with it’s presentation so far. From start to finish the first episode is filled with great laughs, glowing personality-rich characters and a great artstyle. It also does just enough cute and sensual things with its direction to make it clear that there’s more to Haruka and Yuu’s relationship than just your average yuri-crush that you’ll see now and then.

vlc 2014-01-10 21-30-43-13But just how does the writing hold up in the relationship department thus far? I’d have to say that it does pretty well for itself in this first episode, though admittedly some things do feel rushed due to the format of the show and it being adapted from a 4koma. The actual events that lead up to the couple’s first kiss and further endeavours throughout the episode are thought out well enough but does suffer ever so slightly from this fast pacing.

vlc 2014-01-10 21-29-28-12Now, I can’t talk about this show without addressing the fan-service. There’s quite a good amount of scenes which feature our heroines in situations that offered up the chance for the directors to get quite steamy with the presentation.

I didn’t find this distracting and actually felt it made the scenes stronger as throughout the scenes we also get to experience the thoughts of either Haruka or Yuu. With that said, there are some shots of the side-characters that felt somewhat out of place.

vlc 2014-01-10 21-28-53-12People have called me out in the past on being too nice at times when a show features LGBTQ themes, which I don’t think I am, but that’s a discussion for another time. I just thought I’d mention it here just to let you know that I’ve heard it and don’t need to hear it again.

I just really love this first episode a whole bunch, just like I had expected to do after reading about the show. Sometimes it’s just really satisfactory to be right about something.

Sakura Trick
Episode Rating: 9/10


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