Golden Time | Review: Episode 13

A Slight Misstep

vlc 2014-01-10 00-51-11-02As you know by now, Golden Time is one of my favourite shows currently airing. Well, the mid-cour break is over and we’re back into the second and final half of the series run. Unfortunately, I feel this half got off to a fairly weak start with episode thirteen.

Now, this episode is not a bad episode. Not at all. But following the intensity of the episodes prior to this into what’s essentially a decent filler episode is just disappointing.

The episode follows Banri and friends as they get through their first festival together and basically closes out those events. After that we follow Banri and Koko having some time together while comedic things happen. That’s about it really.

vlc 2014-01-10 00-40-41-05The comedy in this episode was fun and done quite well, but not well enough to hold up the lack of anything interesting happening. Past-ghost-imagination-Banri still does his monologues about things, Banri is still confused about himself, Koko is still entertainingly insane and Linda is still Linda. Episode thirteen doesn’t do much to move anything forward, but it also does not do much to develop the things we already have in front of us.

vlc 2014-01-10 00-42-51-06They also changed up the opening and ending themes and I actually really liked both. The opening theme is different from anything I’ve ever heard in an anime series before, so that was really neat. And of course the performances from the actors and actresses in the show is still top-notch.

That’s really it. This episode, while not bad, was just a filler episode that feels like it should not have been the episode we return to after something as large as the last episodes from the first cour as well as a short break, it’s not a good re-introduction.

Golden Time
Episode Rating: 7/10

Golden Time is licensed by Sentai Filmworks for localized distribution.
Please support localized anime.


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