The Pilot’s Love Song | Review: Episode 1

A Dull Lullaby

vlc 2014-01-07 23-10-38-63I was quite excited to start watching The Pilot’s Love Song. I liked the character designs and the plot seemed somewhat interesting. Well, I’ve now seen the first episode and I’m not even sure what I have to say about it, except that it’s a thing. A thing that exists.

Meet Kal-el, no I’m not making that up, an amateur pilot who attends flight school with his sister. The school in question is set on a floating island on which man is currently looking for “the end of the sky”. Then Kal-el meets a girl named Claire…

It’s a decent enough premise, and some good stuff could certainly come out of it in the long run, but the first episode of the show ended up being nothing more than a twentyfour minute bore. The characters are nothing special and the events are cliché and overdone. While the setting is neat, not even that can save it all from feeling like something you’ve seen a hundred times before, but done better.

vlc 2014-01-07 23-16-44-60Not even the art is impressive. While the 3D CG work is better than most other shows right now, the 2D animation is either just unremarkable or straight up odd looking. A good art-style does not save bad execution after all, which I felt was the case here. Everything else about the presentation also just screams of mediocrity, from the forgettable soundtrack to the good but nothing special voice acting.

vlc 2014-01-07 22-57-26-61There’s no depth, no emotional responses and certainly no hook to try and latch on to in this first episode, which is a shame since the potential certainly is there. I hope The Pilot’s Love Song picks up in the coming episodes, because it’s just sad to see it all go to waste in total dull mediocrity.

Though I guess it at least is the best Kal-el related piece of video to have come out in recent years.

The Pilot’s Love Song
Episode Rating: 5/10


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