Nobunagun | Review: Episode 1

A Shot of Madness

vlc 2014-01-08 01-42-47-65The concept behind Nobunagun is simple, and incredibly stupid. Various historical figures has become weapons or tools to be used by human beings fighting monsters that threaten the world, with our main character wielding the power of Oda Nobunaga as a giant gun on her arm as she fight.

It’s probably one of the dumbest premises in recent memory and something as stupid as this can only be good or absolutely terrible. Thankfully this is not terrible …not terrible at all.

We follow Shio who is on a trip too Taiwan with her classmates. Shio is somewhat of an outcast who weirds out the people around her by being a complete fangirl when it comes to military warfare. We’re also introduced to Asao who is another girl in Shio’s class. While she isn’t given too much depth in this first episode, she becomes quite important to the events that Shio go through in it.

vlc 2014-01-08 01-37-59-65What makes Nobunagun work is its presentation. It realizes how incredibly silly the actual premise is and runs with it all the way past the finish line and back around the race track once more for good measure. Just minor things like the show pointing out visual things going on with small notes popping up at times to playing around with how the characters move or behave makes it all feel incredibly vivid and alive. It’s a beautiful show to look at despite not having the most impressive animation as a result.

vlc 2014-01-08 01-44-41-64The soundtrack is also worth mentioning as it’s absolutely fantastic and probably the most memorable soundtrack of any anime this year so far, which says a lot given that we also have Noragami this season. If the soundtrack stays even half as good, it’ll be something truly special.

The voice acting from Shiori Mutou as Shio is superb as well, especially considering that she’s never acted in any show prior to this. I hope she get to do future roles as well, she’s awesome.

It’s too early to tell exactly where Nobunagun will go from here, whether it’ll go down a mahou shoujo-esque route with Shio or if it’ll do something completely different. Either way, I’m pumped to find out. Shio is one of the most entertaining leads this season and Nobunagun is one of the funniest, and stupidest, first episodes this season.

Episode Rating: 9/10


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