D-Frag! | Review: Episode 1

I’m Weak to All Elements

vlc 2014-01-08 13-46-17-65If I could summarize the best first episodes of anime that have aired this season so far, I’d use the word “hysterical”. Because through watching Space☆Dandy, Nobunagun and now D-Frag! it’s become clear to me that insane and funny shows is in charge at the moment. And I don’t mind that one bit.

In D-Frag! we follow Kenji Kazama, a high school delinquent who ends up in a situation where he’s practically hunted down by the members of the Game Creation Club.

You see, the Game Creation Club doesn’t have five members and that just happens to be the minimum for a high school club to have, so they have to go through any means necessary to get Kenji to join.

vlc 2014-01-08 13-49-56-64While the show is a gag-comedy that doesn’t really focus much on developing a storyline of events, it does a surprising amount of fleshing out each character in this very first episode. This even includes characters outside of the Game Creation Club, such as Kenji’s three childhood friends who also attend the school. It wouldn’t feel right detailing any of the jokes since that could ruin them, but I’ll just mention that my favourite gag this week directly relates to the review subtitle up there. Not only am I weak to all elements, I’m super-weak to fire and water it would seem.

vlc 2014-01-08 13-44-32-64Something that really surprised me about D-Frag! was the level of detail in the animation. There’s a chase sequence quite early on that sports some great digital cinematography and while the scene is short, still manages to make things more exciting than some high budgeted action shows. I also found myself quite enjoying the character designs and art-style.

Shows that focus on gags and just being funny are always tricky to review. So in case this review said no word of value at all, here’s a short and quick summary:

D-Frag! has a really funny first episode with some really funny characters. I’d join the Game Creation Club in a second.

Episode Rating: 9/10

D-Frag! is licensed by FUNimation for localized distribution.
Please support localized anime.


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