Space☆Dandy | Review: Episode 1

Space, the Dandy Frontier…

vlc 2014-01-06 00-39-45-79I’ll be perfectly honest. I was scared when I started watching Space☆Dandy as not only was it the big ultra-hyped show of the season, it was also at a risk of being a show relying only on pointless fan-service to draw in a fanbase. After all, seeing as I’ve been quite let down by a lot of shows in recent memory.

Luckily, I was wrong to have those fears, because this show is the dandiest show of this year so far and the only show this season where I have already watched an episode twice.

Space☆Dandy tells the story of the dandiest man in the universe; Space Dandy. He’s an alien hunter who travels across the galaxy along with his robot sidekick QT and finds alien species that are not yet registered as existing. Throughout the first episode we get to know Dandy, QT and a third character who’s a double reference to Douglas Adam‘s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy.

vlc 2014-01-06 00-40-57-78We also get to see the intergalactic “breastaurant” called Boobies, an obvious Hooters parody, which is the big meet-up point for all alien scum across the universe. While there’s plenty of imagery and jokes relating to the female anatomy in this first episode, it’s mostly done in either a funny or a inoffensive way. Though I’ll admit that it got a little bit gratuitous and distracting after a while, though Bahi JD who worked on the show promises that the show is not all boobies as it moves on.

vlc 2014-01-06 00-36-15-78What’s interesting about the production of the show is that the dub releases before the subtitled version comes out, allowing us to compare the two directly. The dub is actually surprisingly good and is worth watching if you for some reason would prefer not having to read things, though unfortunately there was one major thing lost in translation during the scene at the Boobies joint regarding the character of Honey the waitress, which you can also read about on Bahi JD‘s tumblr. The music was also stellar, with the great OP and ED unfortunately missing from the dub.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of Space☆Dandy in the coming weeks, this first taste was a lot of fun and I can see it become a classic if the quality keeps up.

Episode Rating: 8/10

Space☆Dandy is licensed by FUNimation for localized distribution.
Please support localized anime.


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