This is my Final Fantasy Quest!

logoI introduced this over a year ago, originally set on a one year timer. But after depression, work and so much else got in the way I basically let it die. What is this? My Final Fantasy Quest is basically me playing through all of the main series FINAL FANTASY games and its directly connected sister-games. But there’s no longer a one year limit to my playtime… hopefully. Basically, I need to finish up all the games before the release of FINAL FANTASY XV, which currently has no date. So we’ll see just when the deadline falls.

You can follow my progress and read up more on why I’m doing this and how I’m doing it, right here or by pressing the My Final Fantasy Quest button on the top of this website. You can also find my Top List of all the main entry FINAL FANTASY games there, if you’re interested in how I’d rank them before replaying them as well as after replaying them.


P.S: Anime of the Year countdown starts on Friday and yes, Anime Reviews will return in some form next year as the winter season starts.


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