Golden Time – Catching Up! Review: Ep. 5-7

Let’s Go Party Life!

vlc 2013-11-14 20-09-47-96We’re doing Catching Up! a bit different now because I’m so behind on shows. So I’ll be doing separate short Catching Up! posts for all the shows that I am not putting on hold or dropping.

So here we go with the first one, Golden Time, everyone’s favourite romance show this season… except for all the other people who think it’s boring and not worth watching. Of course, for the episodes at hand, there will be no spoilers.

The fifth, sixth and seventh episodes of Golden Time dive further into the past of our dear main character, Banri. He has now discovered that Linda seemingly knew him closely before he lost his memories and this is messing with his world view. The show takes a turn for the darker because of its focus on Banri’s condition for most of these episodes. Since Banri basically have his world turned upside-down. As such, we sort-of leave Koko’s story to the side for now, after having her being the central point of the story for the last few episodes.

But this works really well as it gives the viewer a chance to connect with Banri on a whole new level and also gives the show a chance to show that it can do more forms of story-telling. Golden Time doesn’t like to rush things and it shows once again with these episodes as every little scene is given plenty of time to hit home, even if it’s a flashback or comedic sequence. The direction is more than just solid, it’s outright remarkable.

vlc 2013-11-14 20-07-43-02The seventh episode, which just released, goes more into the relationship between Banri and Koko than the fifth and sixth episode did. It basically ends a short arc of character development for the two that started in episode four when Mitsuo finally told Koko off. The way it’s all handled is very mature and if it wasn’t for all the time we’ve had to get to learn and understand the characters, chances are it would have come off as far cheesier than it does.

vlc 2013-11-14 21-59-25-84Now, that’s not to say the episodes are flawless, even if they’re close to it. Episode six in particular have a problem with its very theme, which I won’t spoil here, that ends up having the episode come off as goofy and silly rather than dramatic and serious like it wants to.

It doesn’t hurt the episode too much, but it did have me laughing at points where I was not meant to.

While episode seven is a bit more light hearted when compared to five or six, it does go into more serious matters with some characters. The way Linda gets her time to shine and develop in these episodes i subtle yet just as important as the development of Banri. If there’s one thing Golden Time should be applauded for it’s how well and humane it treats all its characters and just how different and personal they all are. I absolutely loved Golden Time before I left for my trip, and I love it even more now that I’ve returned.

Episode 5-7 Rating: 5/5

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