Impressions: Fall Season (October)

We’ve Fallen a Third of the Length

And as such, October comes to a close. The first four weeks of Fall Season 2013 is over and there’s been a lot of good episodes, a lot of bad episodes and plenty of mediocre stuff as well. Since this marks the end of the first third of the season, I figured it’d be a good time to chronicle my thoughts on what’s been the best and worst so far. Let’s go!

The way this will work is I’ll write up five shows that are currently competing for my award of Best Show: Fall 2013 and three shows that are currently competing for my award of Worst Shows: Fall 2013, the latter of which will consist of the shows I was the most happy to drop early. The listing is done in alphabetical order, to prevent any favoritism. Though if you know me well enough, I’m sure you know some of the show’s placement.

Please note that this post is written before October 30th, as I’m leaving for Stockholm that day on a short trip. As such, some episodes that are out by the point where November rolls around, will not have been watched and/or been taken into consideration.


goldBest Show Contender: Golden Time

I know, I’m horrible. The majority of people I know finds Golden Time insufferably boring and slow, which is fine. Personally I love it and find it one of the greatest joys to watch every week. The show has strong and believable characters, familiar events and situations and some of the best emotional writing throughout the second half of this year.

Read my Episode by Episode Reviews of Golden Time here.
Golden Time is licensed by Sentai Filmworks, please support licensed anime.

kyousougigaBest Show Contender: Kyousougiga

Kyousougiga, aka. Capital Craze, is a show that goes above and beyond just being entertaining. The adventures of Koto and the half-human half-god family in the Mirror Capital is some of the most fun and clever stuff this season. Then, of course, there’s Shouko. Lovely Shouko. The fact that this show is not yet licensed by anyone, not even for streaming, outside of Japan is a crime. Fix this.

Read my Episode by Episode Reviews of Kyousougiga here.

noucomeBest Show Contender: NouCome

No, I’m not writing the full name, My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy, because that will mess up the formatting in the header. NouCome is the show that surprised me the most this season, delivering some of the most fresh comedy and genuine laughs I’ve had in a long time. The way the show plays with expectations and trope is just plain hilarious, and that’s my reason for putting it here.

Read my Episode by Episode Reviews of NouCome here.

nononBest Show Contender: Non Non Biyori

Can you spell adorable? Oh… well, I suppose even if you couldn’t I just wrote it so now you can. Either way, this show is cuter than any other show this season and possibly any other show this year. Sure, it’s very much your standard slice-of-life cute-girls-doing-cute-stuff (so many hyphens) show, but it does it with a passion and style that makes it unique and absolutely wonderful to watch. I’ve yet to meet someone who tell me they don’t like this show.

Read my Episode by Episode Reviews of Non Non Biyori here.
Non Non Biyori is licensed by Sentai Filmworks, please support licensed anime.

wa2Best Show Contender: White Album 2

You never forget your first love… …of the Fall Season shows. White Album 2 was the first show I really fell in love with this year and remained my favorite for a while. As people know at this point, I’m a sucker for romance stories and White Album 2 scratches that itch so well it’s insane. The show is technically related to 2011’s White Album, but the actual story and events are separate and can be enjoyed without prior knowledge.

Read my Episode by Episode Reviews of White Album 2 here.

Honorable Mentions:
Galilei Donna, Gundam: Build Fighters, Log Horizon and Samurai Flamenco.

There we go! With all the good stuff done with, let’s jump to the crap!


dialovWorst Show Contender: Diabolik Lovers

This show is vile and disgusting in the worst ways. Few shows have made me feel this uncomfortable and I’ll admit that even watching single episodes of this show was tough as a result and made my three episode rule a pain to go by, despite them only being fifteen minutes long. As my first exposure to the Fall Season this year, I hate to say it started off on the worst possible foot. Yuck.

Read my Episode by Episode Reviews of Diabolik Lovers here.
Non Non Biyori is licensed by Sentai Filmworks, please support licensed anime.

nagiasaWorst Show Contender: Nagi no Asukara

Why, oh why P.A. Works? Why did you do this to me? You’re my favorite studio and you had The Eccentric Family, a superb show last season, RDG: Red Data Girl, a superb show the season before that, Tari Tari, one of my favorite shows last year, True Tears, the show I constantly try to tell others to watch who have never heard of it, Angel Beats!, one of my favorite shows of all time. And the staff on this was good, how did it end up such a boring mess with zero creativity, awful unlikable characters with no redeeming qualities for entertainment and such a complete lack of structure in terms of pacing, writing or even directing. WHY!?

Read my Episode by Episode Reviews of Nagi no Asukara here.

yuushibuWorst Show Contender: Yuushibu

What do you get when you take The Devil is a Part-Timer and remove all the good stuff from it and add 1000% more tits? You get I Couldn’t Become a Hero, so I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job, also known as Yuushibu. This show is dull and lifeless and would really just end up a mediocre forgettable mess if it wasn’t for how much it pushes itself on to you. The show is constantly in your face with either its lame attempts at humor or it’s fan-service. The latter is more understandable given the content, but rather tan titillating I only found it annoying.

Read my Episode by Episode Reviews of Yuushibu here.

Horrible Mentions:
BlazBlue: Alter Memory, Kill la Kill, Tokyo Ravens and Wanna be the Strongest in the World.

Well, there you have them. My best and worst of the season so far, tell me, what are your best and worst shows so far? Let me know in the comments.


7 thoughts on “Impressions: Fall Season (October)

  1. Golden Time, Refrain and Noucome are my top three for this season. My worst three is definitely Coppelion for a start, then Kill La Kill and Diabolik Lovers. Based on that recommendation though, I may need to start watching Kyousougiga. Wasn’t really a show I considered when I was going through the list for this season but I’m probably going to go ahead and start on that. I can’t agree on Yu-sibu though, I have too much love for Fino and probably too much of a guilty pleasure for Ecchi anime to hate on it haha.

  2. Actually Kyousogiga got picked up for streaming by Crunchyroll about a week ago, although it’s episodes will be coming out a day or two later than in Japan (but a slightly delayed stream is so much better than fansubs so I’m happy).

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