Valvrave The Liberator | Review: Ep. 15

BOKU (wa ningen) JANAI

vlc 2013-10-25 00-05-56-05Ten minutes have passed since I finished watching Valvrave The Liberator‘s fifteenth episode. As I’m writing I don’t really know what my thoughts on this episode amounts to.

On one hand, it was entertaining and had some decent, albeit predictable and very by-the-numbers, action. On the other, it was probably one of the worst written episodes in a while, especially regarding predictability.

After the events of last week, the JIOR kids are now stuck on Earth. They’re preparing to fight some Dorssian forces, much like every week and L-Elf sends off Saki and Akira on a infiltration mission because of this. What follows is some painfully predictable action sequences and plot-twists. Of course I won’t talk about them here, but despite the show desperately wanting to yell at the screen in surprise, I sat here bored by any reveal our outcome as I had figured it out far before it happened.

vlc 2013-10-24 23-55-56-07The writing has never been Valvrave‘s strong point, I realize that, but at least it’s not been predictable before. After how good the last two episodes were and how surprisingly solid some dialog ended up being I have to admit that I expected better from it. While there’s some interesting stuff regarding L-Elf’s past that’s touched upon briefly, it was not enough to keep me invested in the episode.

I think that’s all I really have to say this week. The episode wasn’t bad, it was entertaining enough. But I expected better and the plot-twists were just dumb in every way, especially execution.

Episode Rating: 3/5 – To The L-Elf Cave!

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