Golden Time | Review: Ep. 4

It’s Time for the Turning Point

I was worried that Golden Time would do one thing wrong that would annoy me throughout the rest of the show. A thing that’s unfortunately very common in romantic comedies and can make the entire story feel scared to actually commit to any proper idea. This week confirmed that Golden Time will not do that. This week confirmed that Golden Time is above that.

vlc 2013-10-25 07-23-04-01Every week just makes me appreciate this show more and more. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that the slow pacing and lack of gags in its style of humor will put off a lot of people who’ll just find it boring, and that’s okay.

However, I feel that if you can appreciate the style the show is going for and really get into the characters like I have, you’ll fall in love with everything the show tries and manages to do. It’s just that good.

The fourth episode has three major plot developments, none of which would be fair of me to mention for the sake of spoilers, but all three made me very happy and made me appreciate the writing on a whole new level. Both Banri, Koko and Mitsuo get some significant character development that is sure to shape things in a whole new direction from here on out. The show also has a slight twist to it, which I will admit was fairly obvious from earlier on, but still works in favor of the show and allows for some interesting exploration of Banri’s character.

vlc 2013-10-25 07-28-44-00It’s also worth noting that this shows takes itself a bit more serious this week, which works because of the subject matter that’s dealt with. It’s really hard to talk about any of it without just outright spoiling the events, so I won’t. But I’ll at least say, that this show clearly has a good idea of how irrationally people can act on emotion alone and how that can affect people around you.

vlc 2013-10-25 07-31-24-04I’m also really starting to appreciate the college setting and the slightly older protagonists. After so many, admittedly good, high school rom-coms in anime, a more mature setting and opportunity for more complex subject matters and events really helps lift Golden Time above many of its recent predecessors in the genre.

Golden Time will most likely not win any major awards from me in the long-run. It’s very very good, this episode in particular. In fact, the episode itself is one of the best episodes this season.

But the show itself is not up to par just yet. Sure, that might all still change, this episode certainly shows it has potential to, but as it stands, I’m happy to consider this show, and this episode, spectacular in its own right.

Episode Rating: 5/5 – Maturer and Better.

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