Aikatsu! 2 | Reivew: Ep. 4

Smile! You’re on Candid Camera!

This week’s episode of Aikatsu! was all about the cameras and taking photos. That’s really it. I mean, there was a song at the end, a song we’ve already heard, sure. But there was one. This will be a hard review to write.

vlc 2013-10-25 19-10-51-29More specifically. This episode had our trio of idols at Starlight Academy prepare and take new promotional photos. Following that they learn about a even where fans are going to be allowed to snap shots of them themselves during a performance.

That’s the set-up of the episode in a nutshell. There’s some interaction between the Starlight girls and Seira and Kii from DreAca, of course, but that’s standard stuff we’ve come to expect at this point.

I’m not saying this episode is bad, because it’s not, it’s just one of the most standard and event-free episodes I’ve seen of a show in a while. There were some fun jokes and scenes, but nothing that wouldn’t just be me explaining jokes or quote dialog. This review is probably dull as hell because I’m not even sure what I’m meant to write here. I’m just rambling, because why not?

vlc 2013-10-25 19-13-15-27As someone who’s not seen the original fifty episodes and jumped straight into the second season, the fact that Ran finally got some good screen-time was nice. She’s probably the Starlight Academy girl I like the best so far. With that said, my favorite character in the show is still Seira. She’s just too much fun.

vlc 2013-10-25 19-17-03-30While the repeated uses of animations for each girl in the CG dance sequences is a bit annoying, the actual quality of the CG sequences are surprisingly high.

I’ve seen some of the show’s earlier stuff, which was laughably bad at times, so it’s nice to see the show come this far with it. Now if only the show wouldn’t reuse songs as much.

So there, that’s the best I can do with something like this. It was fun, I liked it.

Wow, this review sucked.

Episode Score: 4/5 – Sparkling.


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