Kyousougiga | Review: Ep. 3

Bow Down before Shouko, Queen of Amazing.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s another episode of Kyousougiga, time to see how awesome Koto will be and how sexy Myoue will be with ladies this week. Wrong. Stand in the corner child, and pay attention. This week we bow down to the one true ruler of my heart right now. This episode is all about the Shouko.

vlc 2013-10-24 05-17-34-71Well… okay, it’s not all about the Shouko. In fact, the first episode is a semi-recap of the first episode from the perspective of Kurama and how he’s been dealing with the burden of not being human. It’s a very touching story and lets you properly understand where he’s coming from as the leader of the Mirror Capital. Seeing as Kurama was my least favorite character before this, I’m happy to admit that I actually care a big deal about him now. That’s how well written this sequence was, great job guys.

Back to Shouko! Shouko is the amazing scientist girl who is wonderfully curious about the things around her. We follow her through most of the episode as she yells at Koto, yells at other scientists, yells at A and Un and yells at Myoue. I can’t put into words how much I love her character. She’s not only fun and entertaining in a comedic sense, she’s also just plain badass. She has a army of bodyguards in white suits that deliver her Pocky-ripoff sticks through a cigar case. She’ll blow up half of the Mirror Capital to get her hands back on her PSP-ripoff controller. Just like Koto, she’s completely unchained and causes some of the most entertaining hijinks this season of anime as a result.

vlc 2013-10-24 05-17-10-68Shouko is voiced by Chiwsa Saito who is probably putting in my favorite performance of any voice actor this season so far. I realize this review is literally just me gushing about Shouko, but I think you need to understand just how entertaining I’m finding her as a character. Because at this rate, she’s most likely going to end up my favorite character this season. That can all change with how many weeks are left of course, but so far no other character reaches her levels of ridiculous joy.

vlc 2013-10-24 05-15-42-72But fine, I get it. Let’s talk about something else this episode. It was very pretty thanks to its great art style as always, but I was happy that we got to see more of the lab and the Mirror Capital in general this week.

I’m hoping that future episodes show off more interesting locations as well, because the world they’re living in is amazingly interesting. I also wonder how much we’ll see the lab from now on, I’m hoping a lot because Shouko is there.

Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko Shouko.

Hold on, I’m going to go rewatch the Shouko scenes again.

Episode Rating: 5/5 – Shouko.


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