DokiDoki! PreCure | Review: Ep. 37

Carrots are Full of Love

vlc 2013-10-24 00-58-25-70I used to love the PreCure series. It’s one of my favorite magical girl series of all time, as I’m sure many others will agree with. Now, I’ve not seen all of the entries just yet, but out of the ones I’ve seen I’ve liked most of them a whole bunch. However, this year, DokiDoki! PreCure managed to fall to the bottom of my list and I dropped it early. I decided to pick it up on recommendation two weeks ago and I’m not really sure why I went through with it.

This episode is about carrots.

No, that’s it. That’s all it’s about. Aguri doesn’t like carrots, Ai takes after her, and the rest of the PreCures decide that this is worthy of a mission to change. Because why would you want to develop unique tastes when everyone can like the same food. All hail our carrot overlords. The carrot is good, the sweets are evil. Zardoz speaks to you, his vegetable-eating children… and all that jazz.

vlc 2013-10-24 00-52-13-70I don’t know what else to say here. Because that’s literally all this episode is about, if you want to split hairs I suppose it’s also about the Selfish trying to win against the PreCures once again. But even when it comes to that, it’s practically has just become routine. The Selfish doesn’t even care any more, they’re doing it out of boredom. I’m not joking or exaggerating here, that’s their reasoning now. Last episode they only attacked them because they were bored.

vlc 2013-10-24 00-55-17-72Okay, I get it. You want to teach kids that vegetables are good and that they should try things before they eat. But c’mon, if you’re going to do that, let unique tastes still exist. Have Aguri find another vegetable that she really likes, you don’t need to send a message of having to specifically like one specific thing, that’s just hurtful. I’m looking at this for what it’s meant to be, a kids show. Sending the message “You MUST like carrots.” is not good. Don’t do that. Suggest they might like it, and if they don’t , there are plenty of other healthy options for them to try.

I can’t believe I wrote all this… Carrots, freaking carrots.

Episode Rating: 2/5 – CARROTS!


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