Coppelion | Review: Ep. 4

Your Time Is Running Out

Four weeks into this season and I’m still sitting here with Coppelion, a show that many people I know have given up on already. I can’t blame them for that, I sort of question why I haven’t as well. Still, here I am and I might as well talk about episode four. Not that there’s much to actually talk about, but whatever.

vlc 2013-10-24 10-10-55-78Continuing from where the third episode left off, we start off with the girls chasing the stealth jet via a jeep with a rocket launcher in hand.

It’s a awesome sounding concept, I’ll give it that, but it’s not that exciting to watch. Apart from the art-style, there’s nothing interesting done in terms of direction with this chase and by the time it’s over it feels like a waste because of it. The chase takes up maybe a third of the episode too, so it’s not easy to brush off.

The rest of the episode follows the girls investigating what’s causing the high level of radiation in a specific area, which means that we’re reminded once again that only the girls can enter such areas, as if we didn’t know. I realize the show wants to make sure we get what’s special about the girls, but we’re basically told the same thing every week at this point, it feels like the show underestimates the viewer’s memory.

vlc 2013-10-24 10-23-59-78The final bit of the episode is another race against the clock, much like episode two but under different circumstances. The show desperately tries to make this bit exciting and tense, but fails in doing so by the inability to buy even for a second that things would not go the way they go. It’s just too obvious for its own good and it makes the whole supposedly tense scene boring.

vlc 2013-10-24 10-15-51-78Finally, the problem I had with the characters last week is still very much in effect. Ibara is the only girl in the group that seemingly have any useful skills and is given any depth.

The others are left as empty shells that only appear every once in a while to further the episode’s story along or remind us that they exist. Thankfully the show at least plays with the concept that it’ll expand upon the other two girls in upcoming episodes at the end, but even so, it’s quite late at this point.

Even Ibara’s character have problems of repetition though. It seems she goes through the same structure of events and emotions each episode. I realize she’s the lead character of the trio and that she’s meant to be burdened by that and the mission she has, but it’s starting to feel like the writers have no more original ideas for her only four episode in.

vlc 2013-10-24 10-13-43-79Complaints aside, there are positives to the show. It’s never outright bad, just mediocre. The music and visual style is still top-tier as well. It’s clear that passion and heart has gone into Coppelion as a project, it just maybe should have been given some more thought from a writing angle in the end.

Still, it’s not a show I intend to drop just yet. I’m staying hopeful that it’ll dig itself out of mediocrity.

After all, episode two was pretty darn good.

Episode Rating: 2/5 – Waste.

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