BlazBlue: Alter Memory | Review: Ep. 3


What is there to be said about BlazBlue: Alter Memory as a series? It’s dull, poorly animated, terribly written and edited by people who seemingly don’t care about anything they’re doing. The somewhat decent action is rarely put in focus and the storytelling is jumbled and just unsatisfying with how confusing it’s presented and told. Short version, it’s not a good show. At all.

vlc 2013-10-24 02-03-59-59I’m really not sure what else I can say about it. This episode was very uneventful for the most part with Ragna the Bloodedge spending almost all of it either incapacitated or just moping around.

We have one of the biggest editing mistakes I’ve ever seen happen in one scene where both objects in the backgrounds and details in the foreground literally just change in the middle of a sentence only to be back to normal a few frames later.

No care was put into this, it’s sloppy and ugly in the worst ways. The show basically only survives on the fact that it’s based on a very good and popular fighting game series, there’s no actual qualities put into the anime. Even the opening sequences is just compiled mostly of shots from the first episode. The BlazBlue name deserves better than this, that’s for certain.

vlc 2013-10-24 02-18-11-58The plot barely moves anywhere this week either. It’s mostly an episode made only to show off more characters, seemingly for fan-service more than anything since they don’t really amount to much. My character of choice when I played the game, Litchi Faye-Ling, was introduced this week, but not even that did anything for me in the end.

Am I harsh on BlazBlue: Alter Memory? Maybe. But either way I did not enjoy watching it and I won’t be putting up with it any longer. Goodbye show, I don’t miss you.

Episode Rating: 1/5 – Game Over.
Status Update: DROPPED

Series Available on Funimation
Funimation has Licensed the series for US Distribution
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