Tokyo Ravens | Review: Ep. 3

You’re Not Even Trying At This Point

vlc 2013-10-23 23-15-32-03Last episode of Tokyo Ravens was complete garbage. Hokuto ended up being used as a stereotypical “Girlfriend in Regrigerator” sense to get Harutora to finally step up and do something and it felt more forced than any other plot twist this season so far. Doesn’t help that the action is terribly made with the worst CG in years mixed with some of the clunkiest exposition a show can deliver. This episode continues that tradition, minus the refrigerator.

In fact, that bit gets worse.

The third episode is one long fight scene, which means we get re-introduced to the awful CG from the get-go. It gets even worse as there are now multiple CG things fighting while floating around on 2D backgrounds. I don’t normally talk about visual issues this early in a review, but with how early it starts off and how much it’s in focus, I need to get that out of the way here and now.

vlc 2013-10-23 23-12-04-03The show is ugly. Not just because of the CG, but because of the mostly bad character designs and terrible animation as well. Nothing in the show looks good at any point what so ever, they can’t even stay consistent in the style of shading on the CG. At one point we have a celshaded (toon shader) 3D model fighting a regular phongshaded (plastic shader) 3D model. What the hell is up with that!?

vlc 2013-10-23 23-07-56-03As I mentioned, Harutora’s death last week was a total “Girlfriend in Regrigerator” moment.

If you don’t know what that term means, it’s basically a term used to describe when a male lead’s story is forwarded by killing of a female character for no reason beyond forwarding that male lead’s story. Hokuto is only ever mentioned throughout this episode whenever Harutora is longing for revenge, up until one special moment.

Now, it’s in my review policy to not talk about spoilers in regards to the specific episode I’m reviewing, so I won’t say exactly what happens regarding Hokuto. But when it happened I felt like the last two episodes were almost a complete waste, and it seems the writers agree with me as well because this episode marked the ending of what’s essentially one long prologue arc.

That means one could argue Tokyo Ravens doesn’t really start until next week, well I won’t be around next week because this show is just awful. I’m dropping it here and now because there’s nothing good to this.

Episode Rating: 1/5 – So Pointless.
Status Update: DROPPED

Series Available on Funimation
Funimation has Licensed the series for US Distribution
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