Gundam: Build Fighters | Review: Ep. 3

Hot Italian Men.

vlc 2013-10-22 22-15-02-49I have come to realize just how many things probably go straight past me in this show in terms of references and homages to earlier Gundam series.

With that said, the third episode of Gundam: Build Fighters was the first one where I actually felt I got some of them. Maybe they were just more obvious to a newcomer, or the stuff I have seen was just the right stuff.

This week kicks off with Reiji being back in our world and practicing his skills at Gunpla Battle. We get a brief backstory for him and where he’s from that’s somewhat goofy, but works well for the type of show that Build Fighters is. The rest of the episode follows a fairly straightforward format where Reiji is trying to find someone worthy to battle and Sei is trying to finish his model in time for the qualification battles for the annual Gunpla Tournament.

vlc 2013-10-22 22-16-42-49A character that’s given more focus and depth than prior episode is China, the girl in the same class as Sei who is taking an interest in Gunpla herself after Sei mentions it in art-class.

It’s nice to see the show acknowledge that female characters can have a interest in stuff like Gunpla Battles as well and I’m looking forward to seeing just what they’ll do with it further down the line.

The show was gorgeous as always with multiple neat Gunpla fights that were a bit short, but still sweet. Though it’ll be nice to see the fights in the actual tournaments from now on, as they are sure to be even more intense than prior battles.

Lovely episode and I can’t wait for next week. This show is growing more and more on me each week.

Episode Rating: 4/5 – Well-Built.

Series Available on YouTube (via GUNDAM.INFO)


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