Beyond the Boundary | Review: Ep. 4

Stand in the Rain

vlc 2013-10-23 20-22-09-75Last week I complimented Beyond the Boundary for finally giving in to the stupid towards the end when the fight against the Hollow Shadow and Sakura began. A show that dares to have a grenade-launcher/chainsaw/spear combo is a show that is delightfully entertaining in the dumbest of ways if done right.

All I wanted was for the show to keep up that stupid level of silliness as it’s the only thing the show has done right so far… and it did. It really did.

The fourth episode of Beyond the Boundary is not only on par with the stupidity of the third episode, it escalates far above it. I’m not sure what the train of thought was for the writers, but the show goes for a one-way ride to over-the-top-ville and I could not be happier for it. Allow me to rain down my thoughts on this show once more.

vlc 2013-10-23 20-23-53-74Most of this episode is built up of the fight against the Hollow Shadow. Blonde Male Lead (aka. Senpai) still need to butt in everywhere since Mirai is only useful and strong when the show wants to pretend she has a character and isn’t just a girl for Senpai to rescue and/or flirt with. The fight itself is cool in theory, but goes to insane lengths with everything it wants to do to the point where I found myself laughing hysterically for certain parts.

vlc 2013-10-23 20-20-17-73Whenever the show wants to be serious and try any kind of drama, it always manages to mess it up in some way. Characters are constantly inconsistent in behavior, apart from Senpai who’s so simpleminded and free of personality that it’s impossible to write him out of character, making it so that whenever the show wants us to react to something they’re doing it just feels false and contrived as a result. One particular event such as this occurs in this episode towards the end which basically contradicts behavior from the very first episode and facts stated in this episode itself.

The show also wants to be funny, but isn’t. Their entire catalog of jokes boil down to “I like girls with glasses! or “I have a little sister complex!” with nothing to actually evolve those statements into anything funny. It’s pretty pathetic to watch these scenes as they’re so cringe-worthy it’s depressing at times. Thankfully the action itself, even if it wasn’t funny, is pretty spectacular in animation and direction, so there’s some genuine enjoyment in there as well.

vlc 2013-10-23 20-24-53-77Towards the end of the episode, the show basically just throws a bunch of random magic stuff at you that I’m sure will be given some sort of explanation in the future, for this episode though, it’s literally just a few good minutes of flashy effects on screen for a bit that looks a little pretty but feels very out of place.

If this show was a music-video, it’d be a really pretty music-video, but this is not story-telling that should be rewarded in any sense.

But I enjoyed it. It’s enjoyable to some degree thanks to how silly the action is. Watching it as a comedy worked well for me this week, so maybe that’s something I’ll be able to do for the rest of the show as well. We’ll see, at the least, it survives this week.

Episode Rating: 3/5 – It burns! Except when it doesn’t.

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