Beyond The Boundary | Review: Ep. 3

Bloody Ridiculous

I’ve been harsh on Beyond The Boundary, and it’s only because I want it to be good. But the past two episodes have been boring, uninspired and nothing but superficial in its qualities so I can’t say there’s much hope left. The third episode is quite possibly the dumbest and most boring episode in the series yet, but it’s also the best… Hear me out.

vlc 2013-10-17 02-00-44-00The third episode is a total mess when it comes to writing and structure, more than half of the episode is devoted to our terribly dull male lead trying to push himself into Mirai’s life despite her telling him at the end of the second episode that he should stay out of it and not get involved. It’s quite annoying to be honest and just makes our lead come across as a douchebag who refuse to believe a girl can take care of herself. Which of course is backed up by the actual events of the episode since our dear lead is of course doing what’s right.

Not that I’m not naming the male lead, this is because I can’t remember his name even slightly. Two reasons for this, the show mostly just refers to him as “senpai” and nothing else since Mirai is his underclassman. The other reason is that our lead is so devoid of any personality outside of “likes girls in glasses” that it’s pathetic, even the glasses fetish requires a reminder each episode so far. It’s quite honestly pathetic how empty of a person he is.

vlc 2013-10-17 01-47-35-98The episode deals with last week’s reveal of Mirai killing someone in her past. But while I won’t say who she killed and what the reason was, it is basically just tossed aside as no big deal beyond the impact on Mirii’s psyche in the end. Because why would we actually want something that could cause major consequences in the long-run? Personally I would have loved it if Mirai just turned out to be a terrible person, but we can’t have that, that might be original or interesting in any way.

vlc 2013-10-17 02-04-19-97So, I have just ranted on this episode for three paragraphs, how can it possible be the better episode of the three so far? Okay, let’s get to that. The episode is also leading up to the big coming of the Hollow Shadow, a giant cloud-like darkness that have passed by before. While the build up to this was almost nonexistent, when the show actually got to it I realized the mindset I’m meant to be in for this show. Because I’m not sure if it is intentional or not, but this show got gloriously stupid this episode, and I loved every second of it.

If the show is going to keep on being gloriously stupid action that can admit to how silly and goofy it is, which the episode preview for the next episode suggests, then I am down for that. Sure, there’s a possibility that this show actually thought it was being cool and serious where I saw silly and goofy, but either way it was seriously entertaining. The last few minutes of this episode made up for the slow dull annoying nature of the rest of the episode in a great way. So sure, maybe it won’t last, but I will give the show a chance to keep me impressed. Because I had fun this week.

Oh, and the show is still beautiful.

Episode Rating: 3/5 – A Turn For The Better… Maybe.

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