Catching Up! Short reviews from Week 41

Unforeseen Consequences.

We are doing this again. Because of the 48 hour development of ESCAPE during Asylum Jam, I ended up waaaay behind on shows. So the stuff I missed over the weekend, I will write up one-paragraph short reviews for here. Also, seeing as I am also behind on shows from this week, I might end up making a second Catching Up! post tomorrow.

Also, sorry. I lost all my screencaps that I had on my computer, so this post is screencap free.

White Album 2 – Episode 2

White Album 2 is starting off with a good chance of becoming my favorite show this season. With the first episode being excellent and the second episode keeping up the strength in quality with tremendous results. Sure, it’s very much a standard romance story in a lot of ways, but the way the characters all feel well-defined and interesting helps it stand out among the dime-a-dozen shows around it in a great way. The second episode was funny, touching, pretty and had some of the best music this season.

Episode Rating: 5/5 – Sing For Love.

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Magi: The Kingdom of Magic – Episode 2

Well, this was a improvement. Sure, I enjoyed the first episode more than others did, but this was more what I wanted. The second episode of Magi: The Kingdom of Magic properly sets up Aladdin’s journey and how people react to him going on that journey alone. It has one of the saddest moments in Magi history as well as one of the coolest fights in the series so far. Magi is back and I can’t wait to see more from it.

Episode Rating: 4/5 – Magical.

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Aikatsu! 2 – Episode 2

So now that Ichigo is back Starlight Academy is ready to take on DreAca and their elder god driven idol science outfits. Note the fact that Ichigo have been abroad and trained her ass of with the CIA to become the most hardcore idol ever or something, and yet she’s equal in skill to Seira who has been a amateur idol for a few months. You might call that bad writing and bullshit, claiming that Ichigo should be way more talented than Seira. But I think you missed the point of the matter that SEIRA IS THE BEST IDOL GIRL, SEIRA SHOULD WIN. This was not really a review in any sense at all, but I don’t care. I watch this show for reasons I can’t properly fathom, but Seira is awesome. The show is too.

Episode Rating: 4/5 – Idol Research = Wikipedia.

Meganebu! – Episode 2

All you need is M-E-G-A-N-E. But you already know that. This show keeps on just being a ridiculing over-the-top play on the concept of club anime. There’s no sense of structure or logic anywhere in Meganebu!, it is literally just people with glasses (which basically makes them superior to every other human being, duh) who fool around in weird ways. The second episode was funny, had great art and animation and was just a blast to watch. Still not sure which glasses-boy I like the best though.

Episode Rating: 4/5 – Bespectacular.

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Kuroko’s Basketball 2 – Episode 2

Glad I decided to check out Kuroko’s Basketball for this season, because I’m really enjoying it. Sure, it’s overly dramatic and intense for a show about people playing basketball for fun. While I realize that the real games will be starting later on, so far it’s literally just streetball intensified to the level where even the most action packed shounen show might wonder what gets them so pumped. The characters is what makes this show solid though, I can’t get enough of most of the guys so far.

Episode Rating: 4/5 – C’mon And Slam!

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Little Busters! Refrain – Episode 2

Now this episode. THIS. THIS is what I wanted out of Little Busters! all those months ago. This episode was emotional, funny and oh so pretty. I’m not really sure what I can say about the episode itself without just listing the events and spoil everything going down, but it’s just a really strong episode. The music on the soundtrack is great as well. If you weren’t a fan of the original Little Busters! anime, I urge you to still check this out. It’s way better.

Episode Rating: 4/5 – Celebration Is In Order.

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Gingitsune: Messenger Fox of the Gods – Episode 2

I really want to like this show more than I do, because it’s so well-made. It’s a good show and all, but I can’t bring myself to care much for it beyond acknowledging that it’s good. The writing is very solid and does a lot of things well when it comes to characterization of the side characters. I think it might just be a show that I need to get used to if I want to really enjoy it, maybe by next week it’ll have fully grown on me.

Episode Rating: 3/5 – So Close, Yet So Far.

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Walkure Romanze – Episode 2

Okay, this show is dumb. It really is. I do enjoy it, just slightly though, as it’s pretty fun. From the ecchi shows this season it’s absolutely the one I like the best so far. At least the show puts some effort into the contrived ways that they end up forcing in sexualized scenes. If anything, the biggest problem I have with the show it’s that Mio is one of the most annoying characters this season. But everything is okay, because we have Lisa. Oh Lisa, you are the best girl in this show by far.

Episode Rating: 3/5 – Watching it for Lisa.

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I Couldn’t Become a Hero, so I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job – Episode 2

This show did improve this week. It’s still not good, not even slightly so, but it is way better. The big problem is that this show seems to think that having our dear demon princess being clueless about how to act on the job is the only joke it needs to be able to do. It recycles the same gag from the first episode and adds nothing to it for this episode. It’s just sad to behold, because the few times it does something good is just overshadowed by the terrible jokes and boob and/or ass shots that seem to be put in just to distract us from how bad the show is. Last chance next week Yuushibu, c’mon. Show you can do better.

Episode Rating: 2/5 – One Joke is not a 12 Episode Series.

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DokiDoki! PreCure – Episode 36

NEW SHOW! … Well, sort of. I was watching DokiDoki! PreCure from the week it started because I love PreCure as a series. I dropped it a few weeks back after the show introduced Cure Ace and just fucked everything up in terms of pacing and writing. Well, I decided to come back after seeing some cool action scenes from earlier episodes and… This was not a good episode to come back to, because this was the worst episode of this show I’ve seen yet. Pointless, cliche and just boring. This is why this show might just end up the worst PreCure show I’ve seen.

Episode Rating: 2/5 – Why Did I Pick This Up Again?

Wanna Be The Strongest In The World! – Episode 2

This show keeps on being awful. I went in this week realizing that I would not be getting anything beyond some tits, ass and maybe some moaning. Fair enough, it takes all kinds of shows, I can enjoy a good sexy ecchi thing just fine. This show sucks at being sexy though, it’s just boring and a bit hard to watch. The amount of shots and animation this show just outright reuses in one episode is pathetic and there’s not even any slight attempt at making the writing anything worth caring for at all. Last week I said that those just wanting boobs got their boobs, but honestly, if all you want is boobs… find a better show, there are so many.

Episode Rating: 1/5 – Lazy Garbage.

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Ace of the Diamond – Episode 2

God. Fucking. Dammit. Maybe I’m just overreacting, but this has got to be the most annoying show this season to me. The main character is just infuriating to watch and listen to, that’s really my only problem. If he wasn’t in such strong focus all the time, maybe that would not sour the show for me, but since he is I can’t bring myself to enjoy it at all. This is up there with Nagi no Asukara as one of the shows that have the strongest risk of being dropped next episode.

Episode Rating: 1/5 – Please, Shut Up.

Series Available on Crunchyroll


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