Catching Up! Short Reviews from October 14-15th

A Good Start to the Week, for the Most Part

So many shows, so little time. Well, that’s what these posts are for. Ended up having to do a second one this week because of how stupidly busy I’ve been lately. So here goes a few shows before I start talking about the daily stuff again.

vlc 2013-10-16 21-23-18-48Non Non Biyori – Episode 2

This show is cuter than any show should have any right to be. While watching the second episode of Non Non Biyori I had a constant grin on my face from how much I was enjoying everything. A good gag show is one of the best mood lifters and often end up becoming the type of show that I look forward to the most each week. I have a good feeling that Non Non Biyori will be following in the steps of Kiniro Mosaic and Yuyushiki as shows from this year that I will keep on rewatching for laughs.

Episode Rating: 5/5 – Sweet Like Candy.

Series Available on Crunchyroll

vlc 2013-10-16 18-21-54-56Gundam: Build Fighters – Episode 2

This was the episode that made it clear to me that I absolutely need to get into the Gundam series as a whole. The amazing fights in Gundam: Build Fighters rival any other action show this season. The show is funny and charming as hell and I’m surprised that I’m actually interested in the mystery and story going on as well. Great show for kids and adults and I want to see more of it.

Episode Rating: 4/5 – Time To Get Into Gundam.

Series Available on YouTube (via GUNDAM.INFO)

vlc 2013-10-16 22-04-39-15Yowamushi Pedal – Episode 2

This show has proven itself more clever than it has any right to be. I had so many good laughs while watching the second episode of Yowapeda! and they were all laughs from intentional humor. The characters are incredibly entertaining still and the writing is genuine and charming. Sure, it’s still stupid that our main character can cycle the way he does on that mommy’s bike, but that’s part of the fun. Best sports show of the season so far.

Episode Rating: 4/5 – Moving Up The Hill.

Series Available on Crunchyroll

vlc 2013-10-16 18-01-19-41Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova – Episode 2

I really don’t have a problem with the CG in this show. I’m told I should, but I actually think it’s alright. The episode itself though, it was okay but not much more. I enjoy what the show is doing, but for some reason I had a hard time getting invested in the characters. The writing feels a little held back and dull for the most part. I still have fate that this show will be good in the long-run, but this episode was a bit of a disappointment.

Episode Rating: 3/5 – Not That Waterproof.

Series Available on Crunchyroll

vlc 2013-10-16 22-10-14-26Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta – Episode 2

I have no clue what I think of this show. I enjoyed it I think? But there were so many odd things about it that I could not get into. First of all, the panty-shots and groping feels so forced it’s insane. The action is good and the show has a lot of great jokes, and the characters are seriously charming. But something is not clicking with me, not sure why. I will give it this though, and this could be seen as somewhat spoiler-ish. I felt the show deals with characters being lesbians REALLY WELL, because it’s just a thing that isn’t seen as weird or given a major focus. Assuming I’m not misreading it.

Episode Rating: 3/5 – I’m supposed to care… I think.

vlc 2013-10-16 18-15-08-46BlazBlue: Alter Memory – Episode 2

I’m not sure I’ll be finishing this show. I really want to like it and the action is pretty good, but wow… Watching this show just had me sitting with a giant question-mark of confusion hanging above my head for twenty-four minutes. Maybe people who have more experience with the games than me will like it, but I am just too confused to be able to care about things going on here. Sorry show, it’s not you, it’s me… Actually, it’s probably you.

Episode Rating: 2/5 – Rebel Two, Sigh.

Series Available on Funimation
Funimation has Licensed the series for US Distribution
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vlc 2013-10-16 21-43-37-75Unbreakable Machine Doll – Episode 2

Okay, this show kind of sucks. I was easy on it for the first episode, but the second episode was boring as can be. The show is ugly, uninspired and not even good character designs can make up for it. The second episode sets up a murder mystery that would be interesting if the characters even slightly seemed to care about the events going on, but they don’t, they’re just boring.

Episode Rating: 2/5 – Lifeless.

Series Available on Funimation
Funimation has Licensed the series for US Distribution
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vlc 2013-10-16 21-16-32-79Miss Monochrome – Episode 3

Sorry Miss Monochrome, I liked your first episode but you lost me last week and just went further down this week. You’re not funny and the best part of your show is when the ending theme musicvideo plays. I gave you a chance, you blew it. Such a shame. A short show that’s boring just can’t survive.

Episode Rating: 2/5 – You’re Fired.
Status Update: DROPPED

Series Available on Crunchyroll


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