Strike The Blood | Review: Ep. 2

Strikes Me As Hilarious

vlc 2013-10-12 16-26-28-04I never succeed to speak about Strike The Blood without also speaking about Code:Breaker, and I know that gets on people’s nerves so I’m going to get it out of the way in this first paragraph and leave it. To me, Code:Breaker was one of the most fun action shows of last year. It was stupid as hell and was basically a over-the-top 90’s mentality shounen show in every possible way. But it was self-aware enough to realize how silly those shows were and became entertaining and funny as a result. This is exactly what I wanted Strike The Blood to be, and it’s exactly what it is.

Episode two of Strike The Blood focuses more on getting to know Yukina Himeragi and having her established as a character after the first episode focused on Kojou Akatsuki, our “Fourth Progenitor”. The writers have done a good job balancing Himeragi being clueless about the modern world with her being skillful and focused on her mission. When the episode properly gets to utilize her and her fighting skills the show becomes genuinely exciting from a action perspective.

The premise itself remains ridiculous and cliche filled, though it’s clear that the writers are aware, at least somewhat, of this and tries to push it as much to the side as possible to instead do fun things with the characters. We spend a major scene in this episode simple shopping at a hardware store with Himeragi and Akatsuki and it’s funny and charming, even though it’s completely out of place in a action show. I like when a show doesn’t take itself to seriously and Strike The Blood can’t even spell seriously if it so was looking in a dictionary.

vlc 2013-10-12 16-18-22-01Of course, there’s a major risk to that type of show. If the show decides to take a turn for a more serious approach later on or goes too far into the humor territory, there’s a high risk that it’ll end up pretty bad as a result. Or it could end up nailing the switch to a different tone just fine, a few shows have succeeded at that, but I highly doubt this show would. It relies a bit too much on cliches to try and play it more by the book.

vlc 2013-10-12 16-31-07-04Visually, the show was much more impressive this week. The fight scene had some really nice animation to it and the new characters we got to meet all had nice designs. While the show has a very standard and simple look to it, it does manage to make the most of what it got and comes out with a very positive result. No awful CG that stood out either, and that’s always nice.

So far, Strike The Blood is delivering the cheesy stupid action I want from it and I’m overjoyed watching it.

While I’m worried about the show’s longevity, on this episode alone, I am happy to recommend the show for anyone who can appreciate a truly stupid action show that knows how silly it is.

Episode Rating: 4/5 – Have A Laugh.

Series Available on Crunchyroll


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