Log Horizon | Review: Ep. 2

I Don’t Want To Log Off

vlc 2013-10-12 18-07-15-71Another surprise hit for me this season is Log Horizon which has ended up one of my favorite shows that have aired so far. Says quite a lot seeing as all but two shows have aired.

While the premise of players stuck inside a “real” MMO world is nothing new and feels very much like a cash in today, it manages to actually do some really cool things in terms of writing, presentation and even direction.

The second episode follows out lovely party of three as they train and get to learn how the world works. They introduce the concept of player killing, because it had to happen, and the effects of that. Surprisingly enough, Log Horizon does not do the whole “Die in the game, die in real life.” scenario, but actually lets players resurrect at the cathedral, albeit with a loss of money and gear.

vlc 2013-10-12 18-02-30-67We get a in-depth description of the various classes and how they work, along with the mention of sub-classes. I am very much enjoying just how much Log Horizon is putting into details when it comes to actually making it all feel like a MMO, both in combat and how the world itself work. Anyone who has played a standard style MMO for a longer time will be able to find themselves thinking in the same ways as the characters will do in combat, offering a interesting insight into the tactics presented from the viewers point of view.

vlc 2013-10-12 18-05-21-68As for the episode itself, the story doesn’t move all too much until the very last third of the run-time. But I think that works in favor for the show as setting up the world and the rules before that is more important.

In some strange way it feels like we had a short tutorial of how the world works before moving on. and I like that. The episode could have let us learn a bit more about the characters though, but I suppose we got a good dose of that in the first episode.

The visuals is something I fell in love with even more this week. The user interface design and the way it’s used looks great. While the animation is not the best, it makes up for it with great character design and art-style. Everything in this show looks great and I want to see more of the world and meet more characters because of it. It helps that the direction is really good as well, making the fight scene in this episode a really sweet sequence.

vlc 2013-10-12 18-10-54-69The soundtrack is pretty good as well, but the opening theme, “database”, by MAN WITH A MISSION and TAKUMA (10-FEET) is the highlight of it all.

Emiri Kato who many people will remember as Kyuubey from Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica does a tremendous job as the actress for Akatsuki, being one of my favorite performances of the season so far, though it helps that Akatsuki is also one of my favorite characters so far as well.

The first episode was really good, but the second episode blew it away. It’s at this point where I have to push Log Horizon all the way into the top for one of my favorite series this season thus far, and I hope it’ll stay there for its run, because this show is really enjoyable.

Episode Rating: 5/5 – /dance.

Series Available on Crunchyroll


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