Samurai Flamenco | Review: Ep. 1

I Need Your Protection, Be My Samurai

I honestly didn’t know what Samurai Flamenco really was when I put it up for watching. I knew it had something to do with superheroes and that it was a Noitamina show from a talented staff. Having now seen the first episode I am happy to see that the show is not only really good, it’s fresh and entertaining.

vlc 2013-10-10 20-13-29-90The premise for Samurai Flamenco is not really all that original. It’s basically another meta-superhero story in the style of Kick-Ass where a guy who really likes superheroes but realize they’re not real want to try and be one.

But while Samurai Flamenco may not have a original premise at hand, it handles it with great care and enough charm to stand out from the other entries. It’s smart, funny and the dialog is remarkably solid, even if it’s a bit camp in places.

The episode itself is a basic introduction to the two leads of the show, Masayoshi and Hidenori, and walks us through how they meet and get to know each other. The interaction between them feels very real despite the silly premise and there’s a genuine sense of friendship that’s built over the episode’s run. The direction of the episode is also really strong as it’s done by Takahiro Omori who previously directed the fan-favorite Baccano! among other shows.

vlc 2013-10-10 20-15-59-92The show has a great visual style as well. While Masayoshi’s suit is a over-the-top colorful suit inspired by multiple sentai shows from the past, the rest of the show has a very real and down-to-earth look to it. It helps Masayoshi to properly stand out just like anyone dressing up in red tights fighting crime in real life would do. The animation is solid and doesn’t rely on any bad CG from what I could see at all. Which is a nice change of pace.

vlc 2013-10-10 20-20-29-94Both the opening and ending themes were solid too, though still far from the better songs this season. While it’s possible they will grow further on me as the series progresses, they still served their purposes well in this first episode. The same goes for the voice acting, it’s all very good, but maybe not all that special.

I’m very happy that the first of the two Noitamina shows ended up being this good this season, now all I can hope for is that Galilei Donna lives up to my hype.

But I’m already looking forward to seeing more from Samurai Flamenco as it was truly a enjoyable experience.

Episode Rating: 4/5 – Some Grade A Curry Rice.

Series Available on Crunchyroll



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