Kill la Kill | Review: Ep. 2

No Love.

vlc 2013-10-10 21-34-58-38

Now and then you find a show that you truly want to enjoy, so much so that you’re willing to look past things that you would normally find annoying or even outright awful. The first episode of Kill la Kill sort of had that effect on me. I really dug about half of the episode and let that outweigh how much I hated the other half in order to come out with a mediocre look on the episode but a positive outlook on the show’s future.

Well, screw that.

The second episode of Kill la Kill had absolutely nothing going for it. The runtime of the second episode consists of nothing but rehashes of jokes and sequences from the second half of the first episode mixed in with multiple jokes either poking fun at the idea of Ryuuko being sexually assaulted or just having her ogled by perverts. There’s really no pay off to this either and I don’t think the show realizes that it’s not so much telling sex-jokes as it is just screaming, “HEY! LOOK! WE HAVE A NAKED GIRL WITH TITS! LOOK AT HER! NOW LOOK AT THE ONES LOOKING AT HER TOO!” without shame or any sense of charm, humor or, quite frankly, even sexuality. It’s not sexy, it’s just disgusting, really.

vlc 2013-10-10 21-38-40-39The suit that Ryuuko wears when she’s fighting is still dumber than any other outfit this year. When you’re making the goddesses in Hyperdimension Neptunia look dignified beyond belief, you might want to dial it back. Once again, I could see this working if the show was meant to be a ecchi show that actually exhibited some sort of sexual feeling, but it’s just there so that the show can tell us how stupid it is that she’s dressed like that, as if that makes it okay and not stupid from the perspective of the viewer. It does not. Even Meet The Spartans was pointing out how bad of a film it was, that didn’t mean it wasn’t a bad film as a result.

vlc 2013-10-10 21-32-25-39We do get some more story details this week however, and it’s all really boring and obvious things we’ve seen and heard before a hundred times. For as much unique flavor Kill la Kill wants to try and push on the viewer in presentation, the actual writing is ancient and dusty. While I understand that it’s somewhat meant to play off of old cliches in a new way, it more comes off as them just not being able to think of anything original. The writing is just a complete degenerated mess, not even Mako, who is genuinely a entertaining character, could get close to saving it.

Speaking of presentation, that also took a step back this week. While the character designs are still as strong and entertaining as they were last week, the actual animation felt like it took a hit. There were far more things that just wasn’t animated properly at all or were done in a way that made me wonder where all that Trigger talent went. We know that they can do better, this was just pathetic when compared to the previous episode or some of their previous work, some of which I’m not even a fan.

vlc 2013-10-10 21-40-04-40The opening theme song got introduced this week as well and it was pretty decent. Nothing amazing though and definitely not something that stand out when we’ve gotten so much great stuff this past week.

I also wonder why the opening theme is the calmest and least over-the-top section of the show, isn’t that normally when shows try to go all out with excitement? Weird decision, but it doesn’t hurt the show in any way.

I do not care for Kill la Kill‘s second episode, and I am positive that I’ll be dropping it by next week. In tennis, the bottom score is called Love. So it’s somewhat ironic that I have no love for this show.

Episode Rating: 1/5 – At Least It’s Not The Fish Anime.

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