Non Non Biyori | Review: Ep. 1


vlc 2013-10-09 19-00-49-57People who know me know that I am a sucker for cute slice-of-life shows. Non Non Biyori is a cute slice-of-life show. The only cute slice-of-life show this season in fact, and it makes up for that lack of cute big time. It really, really does.

Non Non Biyori follows the life of four girls who live on the country-side, all in different grades. The sisters Komari and Natsumi, the young Renge and the new girl all the way from Tokyo, Hotaru. Despite being in different grades, they all share one classroom since the town is as small as it is.

There’s not really any plot to Non Non Biyori as it is as pure a slice-of-life show can be. It’s small events and gags stringed together for a good feeling in your stomach.

vlc 2013-10-09 18-57-07-56As such, I can’t really do any episode outline in the reviews of this show and will basically have to deal with it as I do with short-shows and keep it fairly short. Which is a shame because of how much I love this show. But let’s face facts here, if I were to actually talk about the episode, I’d just explain jokes to you. That’s both boring and spoiler-ish and I don’t want that.

But I liked this first episode a lot. They introduced the girls very well and gave them distinct personalities and behavior.

vlc 2013-10-09 18-54-52-56My favorite girl at the moment is probably Renge, or Ren-chon as she’s called. Her voice, provided by Kotori Koiwai, manages to even outside Kana Asumi in this show, who plays Komari. And I really love Kana Asumi‘s voice a lot, as one should.

So yeah, great and adorable first episode, can’t say much more on it. If you like shows like Aiura where not much happens except for a constant nice feeling throughout the episode’s run, I think you should check it out. So far it’s my favorite episode this week.

 Episode Rating: 4/5 – Cuteness Killed The AniBlogger.

Series Available on Crunchyroll


2 thoughts on “Non Non Biyori | Review: Ep. 1

  1. I didn’t watch this at first because it looked like K-On or A-Channel, moe for moe’s sake. But then I tried the first episode and it was like YKK with more moe, but less character depth (apart from Renge which feels like Osaka on antipsychotics). And it’s so slow-paced it manages to make YKK look like FLCL, but that’s a good thing.

  2. I have been following this anime this season. Everytime I watch a new episode, I feel a great sense of calmness and happiness. Ren-chon might be the cutest kid I have seen in anime. In my opinion, she supersedes Rin Kaga of Usagi Drops. Maybe I’ll do a review once the season is over.

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