Kyousougiga | Review: Ep. 0

Something Strange, in Your Neighborhood!

This is the episode before the first episode of Kyousougiga… Because why not?

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Okay, let’s get this out of the way. Kyousougiga is based on a previous series of episodes that I haven’t seen. I have been advised that I should however, so we’ll see if I will before the “first” episode. This pre-first episode was fun however, so let’s talk about it!

As far as I can tell from this episode without having seen the prior stuff, Kyousougiga follows three kids from another universe with different cultural standards and norms. They’re basically jumping around having a great time while trying to find a rabbit so they can go back to where they are from. The show is done in a heavily stylized over-the-top colorful fashion and doesn’t hold back on being weird at any chance it gets.

Now, I infamously do not enjoy shows that are just weird for weirdness sake. It has caused me to dislike or even hate a lot of shows that other people love. With that said, I think Kyousougiga hit the nail right on the head when it comes to a good balance. It even points out, in dialogue at one point, that “Every joke must hold some meaning” and that’s something I agree with. Hopefully the show keeps up the level of wit it has so far.

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The kids names are Koto, Ah and Um. Koto is the main character of the show and she is a spectacle to watch. She’s funny, energetic and everything she does in the episode is just great. We also meet the James Bond of monks in Myoue who is the first human from our universe that we’re introduced to.

As the episode moves on we also meet Shouko, a scientist who is in the running for my favorite character this season so far. She’s hilarious and is trying to capture the three kids with the help of a underground organization.

vlc 2013-10-03 10-31-52-70

Visually, the episode can be a bit of a mess to watch. It’s meant to constantly be moving and have eyecandy on screen, and in that sense it doesn’t disappoint. Unfortunately this means some scenes end up a bit too much and just get a bit annoying. However, when the show does some of the calmer scenes or the pure action-sequences it’s a joy to behold. A great example of making the best of your art-style.

I wish I had more to say about Kyousougiga, and I sure I will after I’ve seen the prior stuff and get around to the real episode one.

But as it stands, this was a entertaining watch that I highly recommend as it’s currently one of the few fall shows I actually think were outright good. Great job there Toei Animation!

Episode Rating: 4/5 – A Wonderful Craze.



One thought on “Kyousougiga | Review: Ep. 0

  1. Episode 0 is actually the original OVA so at this point you know just how we felt two years back when it came out. XD No idea if they plan to make the two recap episodes compilations of the other OVAs (which are pretty short but not short enough you could cram them all into an hour IIRC) or what, I think they will because of some imagery that popped up repeatedly in the OP but I hope that next week we get some stuff that’s new for everyone!

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