Super Seisyun Brothers | Review: Ep. 1 and 2

Sing for Ice Cream, bro!

vlc 2013-10-02 17-51-41-93
This is a show about two sets of siblings, so I figured, why not review the episodes two by two?

No, that’s not true, I just didn’t get around to watching both episodes until now that they were both out so I’m doing them as one. It works pretty well since it’s a short-show after all.

So what did I think of these episodes of Super Seisyun Brothers?

Well… it’s not that good. Now, it’s not really terrible or anything, it’s just sort of dull. The first of the two episodes stand out in particular when it comes to this as there’s a lack of anything happening, jokes or otherwise. The show follows two sets of siblings, both being one brother and one sister each, and how they interact in their normal lives. It’s a simple slice-of-life show with not much to say about it. The funniest scene was the fact that one of the brothers was singing about ice cream in the second episode.

vlc 2013-10-02 17-54-32-92But the art is alright and the animation looks pretty neat for the most part. The voice-acting is pretty good and the characters are likable and enjoyable. There’s potential here for a very funny show, but the show just doesn’t do anything with it. Shortest review I’ve ever written… But that’s what you get when you make a short-show where nothing happens.

But why is it called Super Seisyun Brothers when there are sisters too?

Episode Ratings, Episode 1: 2/5 – Episode 2: 3/5 – Not That Super.


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