Servant X Service | Series Review

If I may?…”Hah!”

Servant X Service is a slice-of-life comedy show about people working as civil servants at city hall. If that sounds like the most dull concept ever conceived in fiction to you, then people probably would’t blame you for that as it does sound pretty dull on paper, Thankfully Servant X Service manages to spice itself up quite and offer a good laugh throughout.

vlc 2013-09-30 03-34-35-56We follow a group of new workers at the city hall. The main character is Lucy Yamagami, a girl with a troubling full name that I’m not even going to try and remember for this review.

She has taken the job as a civil servant for the sole purpose of finding out who at city hall approved the name that she was given at birth. The other two recruits are Saya Miyoshi and Yutaka Hasabe who play a large part of the story even if we don’t follow them as protagonists all that much.

While there’s a lot of humor derived from the office environment, not unlike something like Office Space but with less black comedy, the show also dives into other areas to change things up. Recurring characters outside of the main trio will often lend themselves to themed jokes, be it the cosplay focused Megumi or the… “weird” section chief. It’s entertaining throughout and it manages to land most jokes right without any major bummers. There’re some boob jokes that get stale after a while, but that’s all I can really think of.

Like any slice-of-life show it lives off the interaction and personality of its characters. Servant X Service does not disappoint here with all the characters feeling unique and different enough to cause some funny conflicts and situations. My favorite character ended up a tie between Megumi and Hasabe who while being on very opposite sides on a lot of things, manages to have some of the most entertaining scenes together.

vlc 2013-09-30 03-34-15-58While the visuals are fine, they never really stand out as anything above just good. But I want to bring attention to the opening sequence set to the tune “May I Help You?” performed by the cast of the show. This is probably my favourite opening sequence this year in terms of direction and design, it’s original and vibrant and I can’t get enough of it. Amazing job on that. The ending sequence for “Hachimitsu Tokidoki” performed by Ai Kayano in character as Lucy is also good, but not close to the same amazing level that the opening achieves.

vlc 2013-08-18 21-55-31-59Speaking of voice acting, Ai Kayano does a good job as Lucy, it ends up somewhat plain but that’s fitting of the character she’s playing. Rumi Ookubu as Tohko, the little sister of one of other employees, is one of the more memorable voices in the show. She does a great job and I can’t wait to hear more of her in Galilei Donna this coming season.

Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Hasabe is also memorable, having a amazingly laid back voice befitting of the role. The rest of the cast is all good, but don’t really stand out.

While the show is enjoyable throughout, it does have a bit of a identity complex past the half-way point when the show wants to present a more focused narrative rather than just a peek into the lives of the character. The show does this fine, but it feels weird when the first bit was far more loose and spread out than the later half. It hurts the consistency of the show as a whole to some extent, even if it’s still overall a positive outcome.

Basically, Servant X Service is a show meant for slice-of-life fans who might be a bit too tired of all the school life anime that is flooding the genre. It does a fine job at that and I would like to see more of it. If you like funny show, then this show is definitely worth a try.

Series Rating: 4/5 – Deserves a Promotion!

Full Series available on Crunchyroll

Aniplex USA have licensed the Full Series for US distribution.
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