Miss Monochrome | Review: Ep. 1

The Idol is a Part-Timer!

vlc 2013-10-02 17-44-43-54Miss Monochrome is a series of anime shorts following the life of the titular clueless idol Miss Monochrome.

It’s a very simple premise fitting of a gag-anime that can open up a whole lot of different possible funny scenarios, after all, we all know that idol world can be the place of some entertaining stuff.

Shows like Love Live! School Idol Project, The iDOLM@STERUta no Prince Sama and Aikatsu! are popular examples of this after all.

Well… Miss Monochrome is nothing like either of these shows. In fact, it’s sort-of not a idol show at all. I am going to give you a summary of the events that set up the so-called story in Miss Monochrome, it’ll technically be spoilers but since it’s going to be the base of the show and I don’t intend on actually retelling any of the jokes presented in the show, I hope you can forgive me for this. If not, feel free to skip the first paragraph after the image below.

vlc 2013-10-02 17-46-07-54Basically, Miss Monochrome is an idol who has no idea what being an idol means. When trying to learn what she’s supposed to do as an idol she ends up making a mistake and eventually ends up working in a convenience store.

That’s it. That’s the set-up for Miss Monochrome. Sounds good? Well, it is. In fact, it’s pretty damn hilarious.

vlc 2013-10-02 17-46-43-55

I was not expecting a whole lot from the thin information that was available on this show when I started watching it, but when I was actually sitting in my chair and laughing pretty well to this show I have to say I am impressed with what LIDEN FILMS have managed to do with basically nothing.

The show may not look all that impressive, but the episode never looks outright bad with the 2D animation and the CG in the ED is actually really impressive. And it’s also really creepy.

So yeah, a short review for a short show. I liked Miss Monochrome‘s first episode a bunch, check it out.

Episode Rating: 4/5 – Silver Medal.

Full Series Available on Crunchyroll


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