Diabolik Lovers | Review: Ep. 3

The girl with kaleidoscope eyes

vlc 2013-10-01 06-39-22-27

I will keep it brief this week, because any words spent on detailing Diabolik Lovers might as well be me dictating a letter where I’m confessing to a bunch of crimes, that’s how appealing detailing this show is to me. So without further ado, let me tell you why Diabolik Lovers is still awful.

Remember how the last episode was all about the brothers pushing around Yui and then we had one of the brothers suck her blood and be all rape-y until we got a flashback of his TRAUMATIZING CHILDHOOD!?!?

Well, the third episode is the exact same thing but with another brother, this time Shu.

We find out that the six brothers don’t share the same mother, but are in fact divided out over three different mothers. This leads nowhere this episode by the way, it’s just mentioned in passing. The episode ends with Shu being challenged to a darts game to gain ownership of Yui. That’s the big showdown of the episode, I won’t spoil the obvious outcome.

vlc 2013-10-01 06-36-43-36Visually, the show had better quality to it this week than the past two episodes. But I finally had enough of the characters eyes which are sparkling like a kaleidoscope. It’s not too bad when they’re not doing close-ups, but when they do it’s just jarring. I get the design decision, but it could have been utilized better.

That’s really it. There’s some banter about how Yui “actually likes it” when she’s forced into the sexual assault she’s been receiving over the three episodes and we even have her proclaiming that she “thought you were different” when Shu is biting her.

Quite frankly this is all I can bother taking from this show. It’s a short review, I know, but I’ve said all I needed to say over the course of these three episode reviews. Stay far away from it.

Episode Rating: 1/5 – It sucks.
Status Change: DROPPED

Episode 3 available on Crunchyroll


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