Dungeon Crawl: Dragon Crystal

Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold!

For every victory, many shall fall… Here in our Dungeon Crawl.

Welcome to my new series of let’s play videos where I try out games with randomly generated worlds and content. Death is permanent, no continues allowed.

Today we play Dragon Crystal, the 1991 (yes, same year) sequel to Fatal Labyrinth. You’ll notice this video is shorter than the last one… I’m thankful for that, as not even 30 seconds after I stopped playing this game, I got a massive headache from its attempts at sound and visuals. Spoiler: I don’t like this game.


2 thoughts on “Dungeon Crawl: Dragon Crystal

  1. Excited for Isaac run! Liked this episode too!

    I actually quite liked played the gamegear version of Dragon Crystal on the 3DS VC, and I legit have no idea why. I enjoy even the shit roguelikes.

    • I liked Fatal Labyrinth, which I’ve now been told I shouldn’t like because it’s apparently universally panned. I wouldn’t have minded Dragon Crystal that much if it hadn’t given me such a bad headache for two hours.

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