Top 5 Shows, Week 38 | APR

A Royal Victory

Every week I am part of the Anime Power Rankings. A weekly summary of the five best shows that aired during the week in question. The results are collected from various bloggers and writers and are eventually posted on Desu Ex Machina with the final results. This is my Top 5 shows based on episodes that aired during Week 38.

  1. Majestic Prince (Episode 24, though the APR list said 23 for some reason?)
  2. Gatchaman CROWDS (Episode 12)
  3. Kiniro Mosaic (Episode 12)
  4. Watamote! (Episode 11)
  5. Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C³ (C³-bu)

Majestic Prince really stole the show with its amazing final episode this week. For the first time in a while I couldn’t put Gatchaman CROWDS above it, despite loving it a whole lot too. Both Majestic Prince and Kiniro Mosaic ended spectacularly, and C³-bu did a great sendoff that I feel maybe should have been the final episode, which might hurt episode 13 in the end. It’s also nice to have a heartwarming and uplifitng episode of Watamote! for once, even if I’ve loved the rest of that show as well.

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