Fall Season 2013 Addendum: Some More Shows I’ll Watch

Welp, turns out I wasn’t done. Not only did I miss out on a short-show, I just straight up forgot continuing shows and missed one very interesting sounding show. So here we go again, in addendum to my first list, here’s what I’ll watch during Fall Season 2013.

aceMiss Monochrome

Episodes: ??
Watch Status: Will Watch
Previous Series: N/A
Starting: October 02 (Wednesday)

This is a short-show about a singer. It’s some sort of CG short-show about a virtual singer that “loves only the monochrome style, dislikes all kinds of color, and always dreams about changing the world into her favorite monochrome color”. Ignoring the fact that MONOCHROME IS NOT COLOR, I think that if this just ends up being a outlet for music-videos, it’ll be fun to watch.

acePretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live

Studio: Tatsunoko Production
Episodes: Around 52 (Full Year Show, 12 this Season)
Watch Status: Will Watch
Previous Series: Not Seen
Starting: April 06 (Saturday)

I’ve been watching Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live since April this year, and I fucking love the show. It’s weird in the sense that the episodes during spring were all fairly goofy and mostly dumb, but then the summer episodes came along and was really heartfelt and actually tackled some serious stuff. There’s no way I can pass up watching it to the end at this point.

aikatsuSuper Seisyun Brothers

Studio: AIC Plus+
Episodes: ??
Watch Status: Will Watch
Previous Series: N/A
Starting: September 14 Saturday)

Another short-show. This one is already airing and I just missed it, so I’ll do a write-up on the first two episodes this saturday I suppose. Not much to say, it sounds fairly simple. It’s a slice-of-life short-show, in a best case scenario it’ll be like Aiura, and if it even comes close to that, it’ll be a joy.

arpeggioYuusha ni Narenakatta

Studio: asread
Episodes: 12
Watch Status: Will Watch
Previous Series: N/A
Starting: October 05 (Saturday)

So, this is one I just forgot about. I’m sorry. It’s a comedy fantasy about a boy who ended up being denied his birth-given title as a hero because he was born after the evil in the world was defeated. Could be interesting, could be fucking Aestethica of a Rouge Hero. Let’s hope for the former.

And that’s it, I don’t think I missed anything… No, I’m not watching Monogatari or Infinite Stratos. I’m now up to 41 shows per week.


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